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| 지면서비스
  • Gov't told to split Korean Olympic body 유료

    ... complex in Seoul on Thursday. [YONHAP] A government committee on sports reform on Thursday recommended breaking up the National Olympic Committee, in an effort to overhaul what the committee feels is a corrupt elite ...
  • 2019.8.22 Now Playing 유료

    ... with their respective owners: Sarang, who needs to comfort her 20-year-old owner recovering from her first break-up; Bok-daeng, whose presence becomes the only ray of sunshine in one lonely father's life; Su-yeon, whose ...
  • Ships violating UN restrictions docked in Japan 유료

    ... implying they couldn't detect traces of North Korean coal. It's not the first time Tokyo has been suspected of breaking North Korean sanctions. UN experts on North Korean sanctions, in the past, have called out Japan numerous ...