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food fighter

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| 지면서비스
  • Making reality television isn't all fun and games: Producers talk about the struggles of casting and developing original content 유료

    ... “Mother's Touch,” “Comedy Big League” and “Street Food Fighter.” [TVN, SCREEN CAPTURE] As it is all around ... on tvN are too similar, with many that are based on food, travel or a combination of both. Son Chang-woo took ...
  • 'Coffee Friends' lines up cast 유료

    ... is directed by Park Hui-yeon - popular for the tvN programs “House Cook Master Baek” (2015-17) and “Street Food Fighters” (2018). Producer Na - well-known for his tvN reality series “Three Meals a Day” (2014-17) and ...
  • A matter of will

    A matter of will 유료

    ... Korean people than their hunger, while the democracy fighters, who value human rights over the right to food, are turning a blind eye to the North Korean people's violated human rights while demanding economic assistance ...