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  • SK텔레콤, 개방형 대기화면 'Home' 도입

    ... 구성에 대한 권한을 고객중심으로 전면 오픈해, 풀브라우징 웹사이트 및 다운로드 받은 게임까지 대기화면에서 바로 접속할 수 있는 개방형 UI (User Interface, 사용자 환경) 「Home」을 26일부터 도입한다고 밝혔다. 「Home」은 대기화면에서 SK텔레콤의 서비스 및 풀브라우징 웹사이트, 휴대폰 기본메뉴 등으로 접근할 수 있는 새로운 서비스 접근채널로, 「Home」이 탑재된 ...
  • CNN LARRY KING LIVE - [Rachael Ray]

    ... (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SUZE ORMAN: You're a seriously rich woman. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Could you lose your home to the mortgage meltdown? Is the stock market the smart place to stash your hard earned cash? Will the credit ...
  • Second person dies in fires; more than 500,000 flee homes

    ... Gallen wrote. "The soot was falling so heavily that it blocked out the sun. There was a smoke cloud above our home that seemed to stretch for miles. This was bad." National Guard troops were posted at Qualcomm Stadium, home to ...
  • CNN LARRY KING LIVE - [Clint Eastwood·Martha Stew]

    ... Hanson's mother. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A lovely woman. She knows how close you and her son were. He wrote home about you. She is very, very much looking forward to meeting you. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hank wasn't in the picture. ...


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  • Home displays hallmarks of Danish design 유료

    ... far left, “Danish Spring Forest” (2014), is one of the couple's most favorite art pieces within their home, gifted by the ambassador's parents on the couple's wedding day. The candle holder on the table at right ...
  • 200 home and he's not done yet 유료

    Choo Shin-soo of the Texas Rangers, right, runs the bases after hitting a leadoff home run against the Baltimore Orioles at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, on Tuesday. [AP/YONHAP] After 15 years in ...
  • Lee Dae-ho gets back into the swing of things 유료

    Lee Dae-ho of the Lotte Giants is back. Lee Dae-ho of the Lotte Giants hits a home run during a game against the LG Twins at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on Tuesday. [YONHAP] Up until April, Lee - ...