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  • The trade numbers game 유료

    ... that range from 0.5 percent for the United States to 8 percent in Vietnam. This model - developed by Peter Petri and Michael Plummer, from Brandeis and Johns Hopkins, respectively, building on a long line of similar frameworks ...
  • Yes, They've Cloned Monkeys in China. That Doesn't Mean You're Next 유료

    ... years ago. The long-tailed macaques, named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, were made from fetal cells grown in a petri dish. The clones are identical twins and carry the DNA of the monkey fetus that originally provided the ...
  • [Korea and the fourth industrial revolution ] From petri dish to plate - the new food chain 유료

    [ILLUSTRATED BY BAE MIN-HO] It took less than a day for large retailers in Korea to remove eggs from their shelves after the pesticide contamination scandal hit the nation earlier this month. This ha...