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| 지면서비스
  • Proposed budget for 2020 sees 6.2% increase 유료 ... is set at almost 500 trillion won ($421.9 billion), a 6.2 percent increase from this year's record level, ... research and development. The government proposed a 22.4 trillion won budget for R&D to boost Korea's...
  • Moviegoers in May set a record 유료 The number of moviegoers in May set a new record, according to a monthly report released by Korean Film ... or 3.53 million more. The box office shot up to 72.4 billion won ($61.15 million), a 68.8 percent increase ...
  • YG head Yang Hyun-suk resigns: K-pop mastermind allegedly used police to cover up scandals 유료 ... resigned from his post on Friday afternoon after facing a series of allegations that he used police connections ... Commission on Kim through attorney Bang Jung-hyun on May 4. Han's petition was based on her KakaoTalk chat c...