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  • 우버 미스터리 유료 ... ever in IPO in the United States → Uber became the company that sufferd the steepest fall of shares in the history of IPOs in the United States 자연스러운 영어 표현으로 After proofreading On May 10, Uber went public in the New ...
  • 'I am rooting for you' 유료 ... Moo-hyun, it is interesting to consider what he might think were he still alive. Roh was always optimistic about history and life, which made his tragic end ironic. Based on his writings, records kept by his former chief personal ...
  • The Lotte Giants literally can't fall any further 유료 ... percentage. This is the worst start of the season for the Giants in the past 10 years. Throughout the club's history, their worst start was in 2006 when they picked up 13 wins and 29 losses with a .309 winning percentage ...