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J Report

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#[중앙경제] J Report


| 지면서비스
  • It's 2019 - why are people still buying CDs? 유료

    ... new album, their record labels are always quick to report how many thousands of physical albums they've sold. ... just take the receipt. It's exactly the same as how J-pop fans have to buy albums to apply for a 'handshake ...
  • Accessory brand J.Estina rolls out a fresh and trendy new look 유료

    Jung Ku-ho, recently appointed as J.Estina's creative director, shows off new products ahead of a press briefing on Monday in eastern Seoul. [YONHAP] Accessory maker J.Estina is getting a major facelift ...
  • J.D. Power crowns Genesis, Kia and Hyundai 유료

    Hyundai Motor Group's brands topped the new car quality survey list by U.S.-based market researcher J.D. Power, with Genesis coming in at first for the second year in a row. J.D. Power said Wednesday that ...