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  • [알림] 대한민국 범죄예방대상 응모하세요 유료

    ... ◆주최: 경찰청·중앙일보 ◆주관: 중앙일보플러스 ◆후원: NAVER ◆응모기간: 2019년 7월 31일(수) 까지 ◆응모방법: 온라인 접수 ( ◆시상: 10월 24일(목) 서울 호암아트홀 ◆문의 사항 접수 -공공기관 및 사회단체 부문 :
  • Twice gets 'Fancy' for its latest release: The girl group shows off a sexier look with new song 유료

    ... Dimitri Tikovoi, as well as singers MNEK and Charlie XCX, participated in composing and arranging the song. Momo wrote lyrics for “Hot,” another encouraging song about being confident. MOONSHINE and Cazzi Opeia, who were ...
  • Judges wowed by Korean barista 유료

    Jeon Joo-yeon delivers a presentation at the World Barista Championship. [LANNY HUANG WBC] A Korean woman wowed judges at the 20th World Barista Championship (WBC) with a unique and creative performa...