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( Mark Timney)
직업 경제/기업인
소속기관 [現] 한국엠에스디 대표이사사장
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| 지면서비스
  • Mercedes-Benz Korea opens expanded distribution center 유료

    Mercedes-Benz Korea held a ceremony to mark the extension of its auto parts distribution center in Anseong, Gyeonggi, on Tuesday. While the Korean subsidiary of the German automaker had established the ...
  • Stock up 1% on hopes for economic stimulus 유료

    ... 244,500 won. The secondary Kosdaq added 12.36 points, or 2.08 percent, to finally recover above the 600 mark at 607.01. The local currency closed at 1,208.00 won to the dollar, down 2.9 won from the previous session. ...
  • Gateway to history 유료

    ... can see the restored gate image on their smart phone. The Seoul metropolitan government held a ceremony to mark the completion of a nine-month project to restore the gate with digital technology at Donuimun Museum Village, ...