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| 지면서비스
  • April births decline to a record low of 26,100 유료

    The number of births in April fell to their lowest level ever for that month. According to Statistics Korea's monthly population report on Wednesday, 26,100 births were recorded in April this year, a decline ...
  • Kim Seung-hye proves age is just a number 유료

    ... played in a little more than half of the Bears' games this season and has appeared in the second highest number of games among the Bears' bullpen, after 24-year-old Lee Hyoung-beom. But he's doing a lot more than just ...
  • [Sponsored Report] Amorepacific continues its love affair with film 유료

    ... [AMOREPACIFIC] In fact, Amorepacific's strong belief has contributed to the growth of the festival. The number of open contest entries has renewed its annual record, as there was a rumor that the total number of Korean ...