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| 지면서비스
  • Park Bom announces fan meeting 유료 ... the singer to officially meet with fans on her own, and also her first get-together since she made her solo debut in March. The singer will take time to talk with her fans, perform her songs live and share some stories ...
  • Colorful art pioneer takes center stage in Daegu: Park Saeng Kwang inspired many of Korea's minjung artists 유료 ... Museum, explained during a press briefing in Seoul on Monday about the museum's new shows. “His 1984 solo exhibition [at Fine Art Hall in Seoul] helped settle the minjung art movement,” Lee continued. “The younger ...
  • 2019.6.19 Ticket 유료 ... JAY PARK Olympic Park, Olympic Hall From July 6 to 7 Hip-hop artist Jay Park will kick off his first solo world tour with concerts in Seoul on July 6 and 7. The “Jay Park 2019 Sexy 4Eva World Tour” is named after ...