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Summer Life

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| 지면서비스
  • The rockish sounds of DAY6 are back: Ahead of a world tour, the band releases an EP that reaffirms their un-pop cred 유료

    ... other five songs, including the lead “Time of Our Life.” According to Young K, “Time of Our Life” is a song ... And together, they make up the perfect mood for the summer.” Sungjin described the song as being “refreshing, ...
  • Favorite films come to life in Lotte Annual Art Project 유료

    ... also taste a whip of Mendl's cake that also acts as a scene-stealer in the film. Other exhibitions include “Summer Cinema: Rho Jae Oon Project in Avenuel” held at the main branch in Myeong-dong, “Hidden Pictures in Cinema” ...
  • Limitless makes their dreams come true 유료

    ... Hee-seok, A.M and Raychan. “I am going to begin a new life with Limitless,” Jang told reporters. “Today, I feel ... energetic qualities, reflecting the brightness of summer, according to group leader A.M. “It was our dream to ...