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  • As Bauhaus marks 100 years, Tel Aviv's White City stands proud 유료

    The Rubinsky House in Tel Aviv was built by architect Abraham Markusfeld in 1935 in the Bauhaus style. [AFP/YONHAP] TEL AVIV - While many in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv start the weekend at a sidewalk ...
  • Israel's leader drops by to test-drive a Hyundai 유료

    ... artificial intelligence (AI) start-up by setting up an innovation center dubbed Hyundai Cradle Tel Aviv last year. Last month, the group decided to invest in Israeli start-up MDGo, which is focused on health ...
  • Israeli President lauds Korean education system 유료

    ... Israeli technology as well enjoy some of the wine and agricultural products for which Israel is famous. Tel Aviv is famous for being a start-up city. Do you think Israel's start-up success is a formula that can be exported ...