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  • TV networks bank on the drama of being young: School-based series explain kids to older generation, while appealing to youth 유료

    ... class conflict are coming to the forefront. “Incorporating various genres into a series is now a popular trend, so it's natural that school dramas feature mystery and crime,” she added. JTBC's “Beautiful World,” which ...
  • Age of ultra-uncertainties 유료

    Lee Jong-wha The author is a professor of economics at Korea University. While on patrol in the waters of the South China Sea, a U.S. Navy destroyer equipped with the Aegis Combat System is encircle...
  • Medical Mission Control arrives 유료

    ... believes the adoption of digital-centric control systems, like those from GE Healthcare, will be an inevitable trend for all large-sized hospitals in the country. He believes increasing efficiency while maintaining care quality ...