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출생년도 1948년
직업 경제/기업인
소속기관 [現] 아이디룩 대표이사사장
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| 지면서비스
  • MBC announcer berates abuse of labor law 유료

    ... case has been ongoing in court, seven out of the 10 have continued to work at MBC. It was these seven who filed for “unequal treatment” at the company on top of the ongoing case as they continue to work at MBC ...
  • No sides for U.S. in trade row 유료

    ... play a “mediating role,” according to the chair of the Korean National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee who said the message was relayed to him by the U.S. State Department point man for East Asian affairs. Rep. Yoon ...
  • Money problems drive more to murder parents 유료

    ... that he “committed the crime after hearing things.” According to Article 250 of the Criminal Act, a person who kills one's own or any lineal ascendant of one's spouse shall be punished by death, life imprisonment or a prison ...