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| 지면서비스
  • Korea's biggest firm has even greater ambitions 유료

    ... firms to hear how they're embracing globalization and what it means to the legal industry to think beyond borders. ... competitive domestic legal market, known for setting new limits on how far a Korean law firm can go. Kim & Chang ...
  • [5G Future] Ahead in 5G, Korea leads in smart city innovation and exports 유료

    ... reduced roughly 50 percent.” He said the value of new technology is not only when it is introduced but in ... first stage of artificial intelligence is to catch what the users want … a platform that is connected and provides ...
  • Seoul seeks independence from Tokyo imports 유료

    ... changing its export restrictions, and we are analyzing what products will be impacted and how companies should ... work for more than 52 hours in securing and testing new materials for their semiconductors. “When conducting ...