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| 지면서비스
  • BTS is first Korean band to win an AMA 유료

    ... tour, follows the “BTS: Burn The Stage” series released in March of this year through its YouTube Red page, BANGTANTV. BTS's agency Big Hit Entertainment also announced four additional Asia concert destinations to the world ...
  • BTS's YouTube channel hits 2.5 billion views 유료

    ... Friday, according to Google. A press release from YouTube puts the United States as the country that watches “BANGTANTV” the most with Vietnam coming in at a close second. The channel was created in December 2012 with only a ...
  • For K-pop streamers, V Live is the place to be 유료

    ... Wednesday, subscribers to the BTS channel on V Live, at 10,069,587, slightly outnumbered subscribers to BTS' BangtanTV YouTube channel. A one-year membership to CH+ costs 26,400 won ($23), and a monthly pass costs 3,300 won. ...