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  • [카플란의BizEnglish] Go Overboard 유료

    A: What's with you? Just say it. B: Okay. I'll be honest with you. Why are you being such a suck-up to Mr. Wyle? A: Uh-uh. You are going a little overboard. I am not a suck-up to anyone. B: Oh, you co...
  • [카플란의BizEnglish] Act Up 유료

    규칙에 상관없이 멋대로 행동하거나 기계 등이 오작동으로 애먹일 때 자주 사용하는 표현입니다. A: I'm looking for the yellow pages. Isn't it supposed to be over here on the shelves? B: I have no idea. What do you need that for? A: My machine h...
  • [카플란의BizEnglish] As Right as Rain 유료

    A: Harry? Are you okay? Your face is as white as a sheet. B: I caught the flu and have been feeling pretty down. A: Why don't you tell Mr. Lee and go home early today? B: Oh, no. I don't feel that bad...