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britain's got talent

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| 지면서비스
  • BTS-mania continues unabated overseas 유료

    ... perform their latest hit “Boy With Luv” live for ITV'sBritain's Got Talent” on Thursday. From left are members ... minutes. Their concert comes after their performance at “Britain's Got Talent,” on Thursday, to cheer up the performers ...
  • Korea's barbaric education system 유료

    ... I came to learn of grammar school while I lived in Britain. Grammar schools are elite secondary schools. One famous ... along with a good personality, artistic or athletic talent and creativity, and therefore does not think it needs ...
  • A nuclear implosion 유료

    ... the knowhow to produce global stars thanks to Hallyu's infrastructure. Rome wasn't built in a day. Nuclear ... accumulation of knowhow and manpower, Korea has a talent pool of nuclear energy engineers that is globally...