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| 지면서비스
  • Acting like true professionals 유료

    ... Film critic Kim Jong-won said that until the 1980s, Japanese characters had little presence in Korean cinema, and if they did appear, the roles were played by Koreans, with Japanese dubbing. So unsurprisingly, these characters ...
  • Busan film center to screen classics 유료

    Busan Cinema Center is hosting a special exhibition titled “Their Unexpected Films” starting from today to Sept. 1. At the exhibition, 12 films by renowned filmmakers such as Charlie Chaplin, Jean Renoir ...
  • Local films sell fewest tickets in 11 years 유료

    The number of moviegoers seeing local films hit rock bottom in July, recording the lowest number of ticket sales in 11 years, said the Korean Film Council on Wednesday. According to the release of a m...