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dreaming day

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| 지면서비스
  • Getting emotional won't help 유료

    ... Korea as long as it is Japan's friend. If we become a respected country, Japanese right wing's dangerous dream will be stopped. We had a painful history of putting the entire nation into agony due to a lack of intelligence ...
  • The rockish sounds of DAY6 are back: Ahead of a world tour, the band releases an EP that reaffirms their un-pop cred 유료

    [JYP ENTERTAINMENT] DAY6, one of the few true rock acts in the K-pop world, is getting back to basics. ... from the tour last year,” Young K said. “We have been dreaming about this even before we made our debut, and we're ...
  • Costa Rican diplomat witnesses Korean history 유료

    ... 2050. How feasible is that plan? Some people say we are dreaming, but there is a saying that goes, one who cannot dream cannot smile. So we prefer to dream, and we think we can achieve this goal. The generation of ...