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| 지면서비스
  • Chuseok gift sets redesigned for one 유료

    ... the Chuseok harvest festival just around the corner, retailers are vying to introduce unique, small-sized gift sets to cater to the growing number of single-person households. Hyundai Department Store said on Sunday ...
  • Swipe, zap, there's your gift, with KakaoTalk Gift 유료

    There is a gift shop where no presents are present. Despite having a total of zero floor space, this store has been visited by more than 17 million Koreans so far. On average, 10 billion won ($8.24 million) ...
  • 2019.8.16 Hotel events 유료

    ... Millennium Seoul Hilton Aug. 19 to Sept. 11: In time for Korea's Chuseok harvest holidays, which marks gift-giving season in Korean culture, the Millennium Seoul Hilton is offering beautiful gift hampers with premium ...