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(許泰鶴 / HER,TAE-HAK)
출생년도 1944년
직업 경제/기업인
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| 지면서비스
  • Open water schedule ends with marathon races 유료

    ... clocking 14 minutes and 16.1 seconds. Although she fell behind to fifth by the 10th split, she quickly regained her lead by the 16th split, reaching the point in 4 hours, 1 minute and 48.3 seconds. She once again lost her lead ...
  • Hwang Ha-na avoids prison time 유료

    ... treatment and a fine of 2.2 million won ($1,900). “The defendant had bought and injected methamphetamine with her acquaintances multiple times, but there seems to be no other purpose behind the drug trade except for her ...
  • 개정 노동법이 직장 괴롭힘을 방지하다 유료

    ... 부채를 들고 있다. [연합뉴스] Korea JoongAng Daily Wednesday, July 17,2019 It has been two months since Kim quit her job, but the memories are still so vivid that she continues to take therapy. *vivid : 생생한, 강렬한, 활발한 김 씨가 회사를 그만둔 ...