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magnet program

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| 지면서비스
  • Jeffrey Sachs encourages the North to open up 유료

    ... successful, it created jobs, boosted income and built whole new cities. So in Poland's case, Germany was the magnet that led to structural transformation. I would say North Korea is in a great position since it is in the ...
  • [The Future is Now] Are wallets becoming a thing of the past? 유료

    A food stall near Pangyo Station in Gyeonggi promotes electronic and mobile payments with a card and banner that reads “we welcome card payments” on Oct. 2. [PARK SANG-MOON] A row of orange tents sit...
  • Samsung Pay no longer on cheaper phones 유료

    ... the Galaxy J5 and J7 smartphones, released last year with prices below 400,000 won, had the Samsung Pay program. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment tool that works on traditional credit card machines based on magnetic secure ...