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| 지면서비스
  • 'Produce' accused of rigging 유료

    ... pointed to a possible rigging. According to one graph, a numerical pattern appears in the difference between the number of votes that the top 20 contestants received following their last televised performance. For example, the...
  • Jeju's garbage is piling up on land, in the sea: Visitors are part of the problem along with poor infrastructure 유료

    ... kilograms. What that means is that people who visit Jeju are also to blame for the mounting trash. The number of people visiting the island was 5.82 million in 2008, which soared to 14.31 million last year. The number ...
  • Gambling and games leave the young in debt 유료

    ... a law firm. “But as I did, my spending grew.” The number of people filing for personal bankruptcy or requesting ... opening mobile phone accounts for those who want phone numbers not in their names. “Recently, crimes that make cash ...