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| 지면서비스
  • [FICTION VS. HISTORY] In the fog of war, some details get lost to history 유료 ... however, ruled in favor of the film's production team. Another issue that confused viewers of the movie was the number of Joseon vessels and Japanese vessels. In the film, it clearly states that Korea courageously fought with ...
  • Baemin takes dispute with Coupang to the FTC 유료 ... [high-performing restaurants]. We conducted market research based on the information Baemin unveiled on the number of its orders,” said Coupang. Baemin claims the sales of restaurants can't be calculated based on the number ...
  • More added to police reform plan 유료 ... Police University graduates over the police, as they traditionally monopolize top posts. To this end, the number of freshmen at the university will be reduced from 100 a year to 50, and transfers from other schools will ...