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| 지면서비스
  • 2019.8.14 Ticket 유료

    ... herself to help her blind father see. She decides to jump into the sea, but instead of dying, she becomes the queen of an underwater kingdom. She and her father eventually meet again. This story emphasizes the concept of hyo, ...
  • [FICTION VS. HISTORY] Film about hangul's history creates a firestorm 유료

    ... king who did not have a bite to eat unless there was meat on the table. This is shown in the film when Queen Soheon, played by late actor Chun Mi-sun, says “eating boiled meat for his health is not a problem because ...
  • Pad Thai is a dish as patriotic as it is delicious 유료

    ... resisting, to the changes happening around them. The story sheds light on the inner court life of the king, queen and his consorts, Buddhism and its place in the center of people's livelihoods and changing Thai society and ...