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#스타일 디스 위크



| 지면서비스
  • Korean calligraphy travels the world: Exhibits in Los Angeles and Beijing highlight new perspectives of seoye 유료

    ... writing by Chinese scholars, including Weng Fanggang (1733-1818) are on view. “Chusa's unique calligraphic style, called Chusache, is known to be bizarre, archaically artless and playful,” said Lee Dong-guk, senior curator ...
  • 2019.6.27 Travel Calendar 유료

    ... other popular travel destinations, such as Paris or London, according to the bus operator. The trolley-style bus - unlike any other bus running in Seoul - is decorated to give off a restaurant-like vibe once you sit down. ...
  • LG's chairman surprises skeptics 유료

    ... Electronics in Santa Clara, California, and Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, he has adopted more of a U.S.-style management. In what could otherwise be tedious meetings, he encourages focus and debate. “Rather than discussing ...