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#스타일 디스 위크


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  • LG brews a pricey pint without leaving home 유료

    ... American IPA, a pale ale, an English stout, a Belgian-style witbier and a Czech pilsner. Each set of capsules - ... a press conference held Tuesday in central Seoul. This year, the company will collect opinions and feedback ...
  • The rockish sounds of DAY6 are back: Ahead of a world tour, the band releases an EP that reaffirms their un-pop cred 유료

    ... outliers will always stay true to their K-pop roots. “This is our first work for this year,” said Sungjin at an ... is inspired by something in his life. “I think the style of my lyrics have become much different from how they ...
  • 'The Lion King' is coming soon 유료

    ... don digital headsets and “step into” a video game-style African savannah to film - or simply watch - rough ... reality],” Favreau told journalists in Beverly Hills this week. “Whenever anybody visited I would pop them into ...