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term headwinds

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| 지면서비스
  • Many options on the table, Kyobo Life chief says 유료

    ... founders' ceremony.” Shin continued, “It is typically a day for ceremonial words, but the company faced headwinds, including low interest rates and the government's push to tighten regulation. So, I said that we should ...
  • Jeju needs fewer regulations to thrive, says gov. 유료

    ... Gov. Won Hee-ryong is facing a considerable amount of headwind. With the global recession affecting cities around ... establishment in April. A former prosecutor and three-term lawmaker, Won became governor of Jeju Special Sel...
  • As exports struggle, gov't tries to lend a hand 유료

    ... support measures as it combats an export slump and stiff headwinds in global trade. Minister of Economy and Finance Hong ... to expand the fund to 3 trillion won over the long term. The finance minister added that the government will ...